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· 7 min read
Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate

In today's fast-moving tech environment, staying focused is a significant challenge for developers like you and me. Between constant emails, messages, and notifications, it's easy to lose track of what we're working on.

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This blog post is for developers who struggle to maintain their concentration amid all these distractions. I'll share stories that might feel familiar and offer straightforward advice on reducing distractions to focus better on our work.

I'll share my journey on staying connected without sacrificing my precious deep work time.

· 6 min read
Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate

On my path to becoming a content creator, I decided to give it a try and build a Twitter account. It should help me build my personal brand as a professional.

To validate if I can give some value I set a goal to reach 1000 followers in 1 year.

I watched some video courses, followed “twitter gurus”, tried tools and implemented strategies shared by growth hackers. I learned a lot during that experience.

In this topic, I want to share some observations from my path.

· 3 min read
Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate

Every week I lose multiple hours on scrolling memes, news and comment sections. It distracts me from the important stuff, makes my eyes sore and destroys my ability to focus.

What is more: the dopamine reward loop mechanism also affects my mood. Without these small excitement doses, I feel depressed.

This affects many developers as we tend to seek a break in our natural habitat – in front of a screen. As a software developer, I spend too much time in front of a screen anyway because of my work.

· 5 min read
Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate

Progractivity name sketch

It’s my pleasure to finally announce the PROGRACTIVITY initiative!

Progractivity newsletter is about programming, productivity and proactivity.

My goal is to enable frontend developers to feel more fulfilled by their daily duties. We will discuss tooling, distractions, coding, product building, brand building and much more here.

There is a saying that time is our most valuable resource. It is the truth. Yet, for programmers focus is the most important asset. So what, that we have 8 hours a day dedicated to working if we cannot commit to the important task? Especially now, when remote and hybrid jobs are on a rise.

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Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate
Unleash Your Potential with Progractivity! 🚀

Get ready to transform your daily duties into fulfilling experiences.

Subscribe to Progractivity newsletter and unlock a wealth of knowledge that empowers you to enhance your programming skills, boost efficiency, and transform your digital experiences into rewarding accomplishments.