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Struggling with procrastination as a developer? Find quick tips, expert strategies, and motivational hacks tailored to help you overcome delays, stay focused, beat coding blocks, and boost productivity. Maximize your efficiency and get more done!

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· 3 min read
Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate

Every week I lose multiple hours on scrolling memes, news and comment sections. It distracts me from the important stuff, makes my eyes sore and destroys my ability to focus.

What is more: the dopamine reward loop mechanism also affects my mood. Without these small excitement doses, I feel depressed.

This affects many developers as we tend to seek a break in our natural habitat – in front of a screen. As a software developer, I spend too much time in front of a screen anyway because of my work.

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Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate
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