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My one-day adventure with Revue

· 3 min read
Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate

Hello, Today I’ll tell you how I almost switched to Revue and share a story of how lava lamps help in cryptography.

Revue one-day adventure

I was frustrated that adding photos to my current newsletter tool is quite cumbersome. I have to do multiple operations like save the picture on a disk, add it to the image gallery in the tool then drag and drop it into the newsletter. IMO simple ctrl+v from the clipboard should do the job.

So, I started looking for an alternative instead of creating content, of course… I found Revue – a newsletter service from Twitter.

It has a straightforward editor, and I enjoyed testing it. I can see that UX designers did a great job there. Plus, Twitter integration would help.

I was so excited that I almost switched the tool despite the lack of automation and basic features.


Then I started reading people complaining on IndieHackers about deliverability, high spam etc. Technically it is possible to connect a custom domain but the settings were limited only to confirming email in the inbox. I haven’t seen DKIM and SPF settings for example.

The main reason I abandoned my desire to switch was the rumour that Revue might be closed by the end of the year… I’ll hold on and see how the situation resolves.

the time was not completely lost

So, to at least feel that I did something productive, I migrated to the new MailerLite service. Previously I was using MailerLite “classic”. Even before that, I used MailChimp.

The new version of MailerLite seems to be completely rewritten from a code perspective – API is changed, UI is changed, and the iPad app arrived.

But functionalities, for now, look pretty similar. I’ve found one extra so far – now I can schedule emails based on subscribers’ timezone.

So far, so good. I need to get used to their editor, but maybe I should keep my emails simpler.

I selected this service mostly because they have email Automation and API out-of-the-box, even for the free plan. If you want to try it, now you can get an extra $20 for plan usage by using my referral link.

I hope the info about Revue being shut down is a rumour after all. The email editor is the best in class. It would be a huge loss to shut down such a service.

My initial idea was to use both services – one for simple emails and the other for automated email scenarios.

A big network tools provider – Cloudflare, uses physical Lava Lamps to generate secure encryption keys. That is a cool intersection between the real world and the digital one! Read more on their blog: How do lava lamps help with Internet encryption? | Cloudflare

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Daniel Koprowski
Software Engineer & Tech Productivity Advocate
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